Lead Interviewer

Speak It To Book

At Speak It To Book—a company devoted to helping Christian leaders, pastors, and professionals write their book, get published, and redeem culture—our lead interviewers play an essential role in the process of taking our client's ideas from good to great.

By strategically interviewing our clients, lead interviewers extract the content, stories, and ideas from the client and organize it in a way that is easy to understand for the editorial and production team. The goal of this relationship with a client is to hand off information, notes, and recorded calls to the editorial team so that the ghostwriter we’ve chosen for this book can write it.

We are looking for someone who will be a champion for our authors, bringing out the best of them while guiding and encouraging them throughout the interview and content gathering process.

Primary responsibilities/tasks:

·        Be the client liaison in the early stages of the Speak It To Book process

·        Have a solid understanding of the Christian faith

·        Be able to envision the book that needs to be written for the client

·        Write a high-level outline of the client’s book, which will include an overview of the book, a description of the readership, the author’s goals, and proposed chapters   

·        Schedule interviews with the client

·        Send the client questions prior to the interview taking place

·        During interviews, take extensive notes that are processed and summarized following the completion of each interview

·        Be in regular contact with the client regarding upcoming interviews, the progress of the interviewing process, etc.

·        Based on the outline of the book, be able to lead interviews in a way that extracts the necessary information to create valuable content/chapters from those interviews.

·        Send interview notes and recordings to one of our ghostwriters and assist in processing author revisions of chapters

Helpful Skills:

·        Excellent listening skills

·        Excellent note-taking abilities

·        Emotional intelligence to be able to understand where the client is at and how to best lead the conversations forward toward the desired goal

·        An understanding of what makes good books great

·        Able to respectfully take charge of the interview when a client goes off-topic

·        Biblical knowledge


·        A quiet place with a reliable internet connection to perform interviews

·        Flexible schedule to accommodate to the client's availability for interviews

If interested please email a cover letter and a copy of your resume to maria@speakittobook.com!