Attorney Chapter Manual

The attorney chapter manual includes helpful documents on nearly every subject a chapter can address, including the threefold ministry model and all of the proper affiliation papers. The strength and guidance of the Lord (Ps. 32:8) is vital to bring together a committed group of volunteers with a like purpose. Our resources are readily available to assist you, and we pray weekly for our members.

Forming a Chapter

We are encouraged by your interest in starting a local CLS chapter, and we hope that you have been gathering and praying about starting a chapter with other Christian lawyers before taking this next step. The documents you need to officially become a CLS chapter can all be found on this page.

The first official step is to read the CLS Attorney Chapter Manual. After that, you will need to download, print and sign the Chapter Bylaws and an Affiliation Agreement before sending them to our CLS National office. Finally, all CLS chapters are required to file and submit an annual report to the CLS national office by February 28 every year. Please keep CLS up to date on all important changes such as officers and contact information (See example below.)

(Note: Chapters interested in falling under the CLS group exemption and opening their own bank account should file for an EIN number. All chapters that fall under the group exemption must file a 990N-ePostcard by May 15 each year with the IRS. See the links at the bottom of this page for further information).

To contact CLS Attorney Ministries with any questions, please contact the Attorney Ministries office at (703) 642-1070 or email us at You may also write us at Christian Legal Society, Attorney Ministries, 8001 Braddock Rd, Ste. 302, Springfield, VA 22151.

Attorney Chapter Manual

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